Poland (2021)

The way back

On Tuesday morning we drove back again. There’s not much to report here either. In contrast to the outward journey to Poland, we did not stop in Greiz on the return journey but drove directly to Weimar. Since my foot was still slightly sprained, Nathalie again had to drive during the whole trip … and there were some traffic jams again, but they weren’t as bad as on Saturday. Shortly before the Polish border we stopped at a restaurant next to the highway, where Nathalie and her father had eaten a year earlier. One mentionable thing was perhaps a rather broken and trashed car, which we saw at a gas station shortly before the border with Germany.

Otherwise it was of course only a short trip to Poland, during which I finally got to know Nathalie’s uncle Darek and during which we could visit a few other places around Zabrze. Nevertheless, we were already very busy planning our trip to Scandinavia, which should follow in two weeks.

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