Scandinavia (2021): From Thuringia to the North Cape and back


Four weeks long, 8000km up north and back again. Every day of this journey was a new adventure. The good old adage fits here: “The journey is the goal”. Scandinavia is a really beautiful part of our planet. Personally, I was particularly impressed by Norway with its great fjords and imposing mountains. No matter where you turn, you have a beautiful view everywhere. What I was particularly excited about was how good life was even so far north. Before I thought there was only snow and ice and the whole environment was rather hostile to life. But that is absolutely wrong. In summer it can sometimes be over 20°C, even in Tromsø. In addition, the entire infrastructure and the cities are adapted to the climate and, similar to the rest of Norway, you have a high standard of living here and a really good life overall. In general, I think if there’s a must-see city in Scandinavia, it’s Tromsø, which has consistently fascinated me. But the other places like Narvik or Alta are also worth a visit. I was a bit disappointed with Sweden again. Maybe the bar was set too high and maybe we just had a lot of bad luck, but unfortunately Sweden couldn’t compete with the beauty of Norway in any way. However, Sweden wins a completely different ranking for the most beautiful capital, because Stockholm is really cool. Oslo, on the other hand, can safely be left out, with the exception of the great museums, of course, because both the Norsk Folkemuseum and the Kon Tiki Museum are among the best museums we have seen to date. Denmark, on the other hand, is completely different with its flat landscapes and sand dunes. It exudes something homey and it’s fun to walk around and feel the fresh sea breeze on your skin. We really liked it here too.
The journey in the little wagon was tiring, yes, but I’m so glad we went through with it because it made for a very special summer.

As always, we bought a lot of souvenirs for ourselves but also for our families and friends during our trip.

Meanwhile, our cats were also doing very well in Greiz 😉

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