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    Alligatoah concert and album “Rotz und Wasser”

    Lately, we’ve been listening to a musician quite frequently: Alligatoah. Those who have read our blog post about the Camino de Santiago might already be aware of this. During our hike, we spent a significant amount of our walking time listening to Alligatoah’s old albums. Additionally, we also listened to his new album, “Rotz und Wasser.” Well, not entirely accurate, as the album was officially released digitally a month later, but we had already listened to all the singles by then. After thoroughly enjoying Alligatoah’s new album and watching his live performance at Rock am Ring 2022 on YouTube, we knew that we had to attend one of his concerts.…

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    Trails from Zero: Chest Messages and more

    I’m a fan of many RPG series and the “The Legend of Heroes” series (also known as the Trails series because all games start with “Trails” in the title) is something special for me. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that, in addition to extremely good storytelling, the games contain many interesting dialogues and have an immense scope. Furthermore, a coherent story is told here on a continent (Zemuria) and each arc (sub-series) takes place in a different country of this continent (comparable to the Elders Scrolls series). So far this has resulted in… There have also been other RPG series like Shadow Hearts or Star…

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    Die Ärzte concert and album “Nummus Cecidit”

    Nathalie and I had wanted to go to a Die Ärzte concert for a long time, but unfortunately they had made their last official tour in 2013. But that changed with their new album “Hell” from 2020 (review here), thanks to which the tour “In The Ä Tonight” was announced. Due to Corona, however, this was initially postponed by a year and then ultimately even canceled completely. In 2021, however, Die Ärzte released a second album entitled “Dunkel” (review here), with which they also announced a new tour for 2022, the “Buffalo Bill In Rome” tour. We had gotten tickets for this again, but this time the concert wasn’t supposed…

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    Weiß Schwarz TCG

    This article is about our hobby “Weiß Schwarz”, a trading card game (TCG) that Nathalie and I play. In fact, it was practically one of the first topics when we first met. In the following I want to explain what this card game is before I show how we came to it. Finally, and on the next page, I show our current decks. What is Weiß Schwarz and what makes it special? As previously mentioned, Weiß Schwarz is a trading card game developed by Japanese multimedia company Bushiroad in 2008. It joins other TCGs like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic or Pokémon. Bushiroad has other card games like “Cardfight!! Vanguard” or “Future Card…

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    Model Kit “Jehuty”

    After I finished the model kit from Vic Viper (see the article HERE), I ordered the two other model kits from Jehuty and Anubis shortly afterwards. These arrived from Japan after just a few weeks. It has to be said that Jehuty is available in two versions as a model of KOTOBUKIYA: a normal and an HD version. The normal one looks quite boring and is kept in matte gray tones. I decided on the HD version (even if it was a bit more expensive) because it has stronger blue tones and also comes with wings and an attack ring (later weapon arsenal in the game). The procedure for assembling…

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    Model Kit “Vic Viper” and Craft Evenings

    Actually it is quite embarrassing for me, how I came to model making in the first place… but for the sake of completeness I would like to explain it here. When it comes to designing digital media (signatures, websites, products etc.) my story started quite early in the middle of the 2000s, designing things with Photoshop or similar programs for school or as a hobby in forums. But when it came to “plastic” things – things that cannot be reset digitally and therefore mistakes are punished faster – I was very reserved. Every once in a while I did something, like a homemade teemo figure (from League of Legends), but…

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    Towel Day Challenge

    Of course, you don’t want to talk about work … but since this is a “nerdy” event and even Iva is involved, I would like to talk about it briefly. Every year on May 25th the Towel Day is organized, which is about pointing out how important it is to always have a towel with you. The network from my work used this opportunity to continue to refer to the topic of “pre-registration”, which could have prevented problems with the answer “42”. For this purpose, a challenge was announced on Twitter, in which I then took part with a photo of Iva (because I did not want to show myself…

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake “Lifestream”

    Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the much anticipated games for 2020. Of course we bought it and played it through immediately. Now we play the game on hard and are hunting for achievements. I would like to present a small live stream of mine that shows one of the best spots from the whole game and for which many fans have been waiting for how it was implemented. These are the last scenes from Chapter 9, in which Aerith sees in her new dress, Cloud dances and is dressed again and then goes to Don Corneo’s bridal show. Have fun watching!