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    Album Review: “Dunkel” by Die Ärzte

    After I have already wrote a review for the first new album “Hell”, it is not very surprising that I am also write one for the second new one “Dunkel”. Funny to mention here is that I actually thought that “Hell” is meant as Englisch word (in German “Hölle”) on the first album. This was also confirmed by the cover, where Die Ärzte are shown with “devilishly” creepy eyes. But since the second album is called “Dunkel” (in Englisch “Dark”) and also has a slipcase where “Hell” can be put in, the German adjective (translated “light”) will probably be meant. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out 100% that both words…

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    Model Kit “Jehuty”

    After I finished the model kit from Vic Viper (see the article HERE), I ordered the two other model kits from Jehuty and Anubis shortly afterwards. These arrived from Japan after just a few weeks. It has to be said that Jehuty is available in two versions as a model of KOTOBUKIYA: a normal and an HD version. The normal one looks quite boring and is kept in matte gray tones. I decided on the HD version (even if it was a bit more expensive) because it has stronger blue tones and also comes with wings and an attack ring (later weapon arsenal in the game). The procedure for assembling…

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    Book Review: “Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story”

    Today I want to write a book review again and it is about the novel “Final Fantasy VII: The Kids are alright: A Turks side quest” which was published in March 2021 in German. The Japanese original book by Kazushige Nojima was published in 2011. Why did it take so long to publish it in both English and German when the other novel “Final Fantasy VII: Looking Forward” was translated within a very short time? The answer is simple: the reason is “Final Fantasy VII Remake”. The new edition of the main game came out in 2020 and the content of this book was used to fill the game with…

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    Model Kit “Vic Viper” and Craft Evenings

    Actually it is quite embarrassing for me, how I came to model making in the first place… but for the sake of completeness I would like to explain it here. When it comes to designing digital media (signatures, websites, products etc.) my story started quite early in the middle of the 2000s, designing things with Photoshop or similar programs for school or as a hobby in forums. But when it came to “plastic” things – things that cannot be reset digitally and therefore mistakes are punished faster – I was very reserved. Every once in a while I did something, like a homemade teemo figure (from League of Legends), but…

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    Album Review: “Hell” by Die Ärzte

    Those who know me know that I am a big fan of Die Ärzte. Normally I listen to J-Pop almost exclusively in the form of various Anime Openings and Endings, but when it comes to German language music, I have only listened to all albums of this band and a large part of my playlist consists of songs from Die Ärzte. Now that more than 8 years have passed since the last album, I, like many other fans, was over the moon when the doctors announced a new album and a tour after all. I immediately got myself tickets… but unfortunately all concerts in 2020 were cancelled due to Corona…

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    Book Review: “Herz aus Stern”

    Since I have written small game and other product reviews in forums or on the pages of various online stores, I now felt like writing a detailed review for a book. It is the book “Herz aus Stern” by Nino Kerl, which was published on 14.02.2020. Just because I don’t see it as a perfect work nor as a complete flop, but quite controversial in its qualities, I want to report about it. I myself am a big fan of many animes, mangas and various RPGs and other game series. Like the author, I am a big fan of e.g. the Final Fantasy games or I also read many mangas…

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    Towel Day Challenge

    Of course, you don’t want to talk about work … but since this is a “nerdy” event and even Iva is involved, I would like to talk about it briefly. Every year on May 25th the Towel Day is organized, which is about pointing out how important it is to always have a towel with you. The network from my work used this opportunity to continue to refer to the topic of “pre-registration”, which could have prevented problems with the answer “42”. For this purpose, a challenge was announced on Twitter, in which I then took part with a photo of Iva (because I did not want to show myself…

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    Final Fantasy VII Remake “Lifestream”

    Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the much anticipated games for 2020. Of course we bought it and played it through immediately. Now we play the game on hard and are hunting for achievements. I would like to present a small live stream of mine that shows one of the best spots from the whole game and for which many fans have been waiting for how it was implemented. These are the last scenes from Chapter 9, in which Aerith sees in her new dress, Cloud dances and is dressed again and then goes to Don Corneo’s bridal show. Have fun watching!