Trails to Azure: New chest messages and more

After playing more through the Trails series, I would like to write a second blog post featuring the remaining amusing chest messages I have come across. I won’t go into detail again about what the series is about, as I already covered that extensively in my previous post. Since the last post, I played “Trails from Zero” on the Nintendo Switch, followed by “Trails in the Sky the 3rd” on Steam, and then the new “Trails to Azure” on the Nintendo Switch. As the latter is the sequel to Zero, I will start with it in this post, building upon some of the chest messages mentioned in the previous post.

Trails to Azure

“Trails to Azure” is the fifth installment in The Legend of Heroes Trails series and, similar to the fourth installment, “Trails to Zero,” it was initially exclusive to the Japanese market for a long time. The subsequent series, “Trails of Cold Steel,” has already been released in the West, and the prequel series, “Trails in the Sky,” has been slowly catching up. The two games that make up the Crossbell arc were long overlooked, and it was uncertain if they would ever be released in the West. However, in collaboration with fan translation group The Geofront, both games were released in an enhanced edition for Switch, PS4, and Steam in 2022 and 2023. Not only that, the tenth installment in the series, “Trails into Reverie,” is also set to be released in English in 2023, and it’s only a matter of time before the eleventh and twelfth installments, “Trails in the Dark,” featuring the Calvard arc, make their way to the West as well. Returning to “Trails to Azure,” I have taken screenshots of each chest message and would like to present the ones with the best quotes here. After that, I will share a few more amusing screenshots.

Chest messages

For the following screenshots, I would like to focus on chest messages that continue from “Trails from Zero.” Therefore, I have placed them at the top as a reminder. Among them is the chest message about “Clipping Grass,” which I chose as the cover image for both posts for good reason.

(Seems like an upgrade, as there are fewer monster chests and more item chests, right?)

There are, of course, numerous other messages, but three themes appear repeatedly in both Trails in the Sky the 3rd (part 3, end of the Liberl arc) and Trails to Azure (part 5, end of the Crossbell arc). Firstly, there is often a reference to the fact that starting from the Cold Steel series (part 6+ in the Erebonia arc), there are unfortunately no more chest messages. Secondly, after more than 3 or 5 parts with over 250 chests each, the fan translators ran out of ideas for chest messages, and they express it as such. And thirdly, to fill the quantity of chest messages, fan fictions (gradually told stories) were incorporated into the chests, under the name “Trails in the Chest.” Trails in the Chest Part 1 (from Trails in the Sky the 3rd) and Trails in the Chest Part 2 (from Trails to Azure) can be read in their entirety on the Kiseki/Trails Wiki. Now, let’s continue with the remaining chest messages…

(Indeed, in Trails of Cold Steel III, you return to Crossbell, and it is true that the chests in that game no longer have messages 😢)
(I found the information just interesting 😅)
(Apart from the joke. Did you know the therefore symbol “∴”?)
(I actually agree with that… The magic system was well-designed until part 5, but starting from part 6, there are only Quartz with fixed spells, which makes the development of higher-level spells and the use of mages rather pointless, at least in the early Cold Steel games.)
(An allusion to Mishy’s phrase from the amusement park and Uber Eats.)
(Tio is the biggest Mishy fan!)
(Pun on Easter and the Ys series by Falcom)
(Reference to Simpsons song)
(Reference to “Is this a JoJo Reference?“-Meme and the Gargharv Trilogy is a series of The Legend of Heroes which played before the Trails series.)
(The Trails series isn’t finished yet and I’m on part 9 of 12, but it only ever talks about Aidos as the good goddess. Surely there’s still something fishy about her 🤔)
(Just funny because it is presented the same way as if you got an item.)
(casual error message)
(actually a good question 😅)
(Reference to Fullmetal Alchemist)
(In this game you go into the Azure tree… but that’s again a nod to the Ys series with Adol.)
(Reference to the Neo Geo Pocket)

And more

Here, I would like to discuss a few more screenshots or videos that I have captured, which I find funny or worth sharing.

Again Randy, Lechter (and Wazy!?)

In the previous installment, Trails from Zero, there were some funny scenes involving Randy and Lechter. In Trails to Azure, a new main character, Wazy, joins the mix. Wazy is an established playboy in Crossbell City and often clashes with Randy, while also occasionally playing along with his antics.

A little argument between Randy and Wazy…
They get along better later.
Wazy also notices Lloyd’s little brother Charm.
Randy gets rejected again by Aeolia.
After the battle with Aeolia and Lynn, Randy makes a Futurama reference as they continue to fight.
Yes, what does sugar daddy mean?
Great pun by Wazy regarding Lloyd and Elie, who as the “parents” of KeA won’t and can’t let go of her and therefore fight over her like the western country of Erebonia and the eastern country of Calvard over the landlocked state of Crossbell.
Randy declares war on Lloyd and is then overwhelmed himself at the girls they all come across at the resort.
Randy and Ilya lost the last beach volleyball game, but their focus was elsewhere…
Mireille from CGF and Randy would be such a great couple…
“Misunderstandings” …

Towards the end of the game you can decide which of the main characters Lloyd would like to go on the deck of the airship with in private. It’s funny when you go on deck with Elie or with Randy…

If you decide to go on deck with Elie, Llyod and Elie confess their love to each other and it gets very romantic…
On the other hand, if you go on deck with Randy, he wonders why Lloyd didn’t invite one of the girls for the private chat. He even reenacts the scenario (with Lloyd and Elie) and is good at predicting it.
And finally a quote from the charming Lechter.

More screenshots

There were also a few other things I just had to include here that aren’t chest messages, nor are they directly related to Randy, Wazy, or Lechter.

Certainly not a reference to the meme, but it still reminded me a lot of “Don’t woof” 😅
Kevin, with a slightly revised design, is back in Trails to Azure 🤩
Unfortunately this is his last appearance in the series to date… but I hope that he will be back in part 11.
Kevin the hero and one of the strongest characters in the series 🤩
You give the cat cat food and you get a book in return… Lloyd is surprised.
Not impossible… but it could be that KeA learned it from Randy 😅
As already emphasized in the last blog post, numerous German words and terms are used here again. At this point I found it particularly funny that Wazy not only says “Gute Nacht” randomly, but also says it to the opponent “Wald”, which makes the screenshot look like the game is in German.
I found the beach volleyball matches really cool. Here is a snippet of it. Unfortunately, you couldn’t really play it yourself because they were scripted.
Even though you couldn’t control Joshua and Estelle yourself this time in Trails to Azure, the fight was still staged amazingly.

That was it “already” with all the pictures and videos that I collected from Trails to Azure. Nevertheless, between Trails from Zero (Part 4) and Trails to Azure (Part 5) I also caught up on Trails in the Sky the 3rd (Part 3) and took screenshots there too. That’s why there are a few pictures of the chest messages there on the next page.

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