Yes, I say Eierkuchen! Not Pancakes, not Crepes – Eierkuchen! (anyway for this english post…) Well, never mind … in any case we wanted to cook something simple again… and then I came up with pancakes. More specifically, pancakes with maple syrup. Since Nathalie likes it less sweet, she added a mushroom sauce (ugh!). And the pancakes are pretty good! We followed the instructions below:

The pancakes have gotten pretty good and it was exactly 7 pieces. Because the mixture of dough was quite thick, the pancakes themselves did not become very large. But they were quickly cooked in the pan. Instead of mineral water, we used normal water. This may have made the pancakes less fluffy. If I tried again, I might not only add mineral water but also more milk, so that the pancakes spread a little more fluidly in the pan.


We made pancakes again, and this time we followed the recipe 1:1, so the pancakes got better. This was probably due to the mineral water on the one hand, and the use of a hand mixer for the dough on the other.

better pancakes