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The Cat Vacation in Greiz

During our trips to Peru, Japan or South Africa, our cats Iva and Yuri also had a kind of vacation … they were always with my mother in Greiz during this time and thus also made a small change of location.

Iva was always the biggest problem child in this situation. While Yuri is calm when you take him anywhere (be it in a basket or a backpack), Iva is always quite panicked. She always struggles to get into the transport medium and during the transport, she sets new records how often she can empty herself into the basket or backpack. We also tried to give her a sedative, but even that doesn’t seem to help her. In fact, on the last transport from Greiz to Weimar after the trip to South Africa, Iva managed to poop into the backpack three times…

In Greiz itself the cats are doing pretty well. We have two theories about this. Firstly, they will probably just get more food there. While we strictly give them two meals in the morning and in the evening with a lunch snack, they will probably get more in Greiz. On the other hand, it is probably the apartment itself. Our apartment consists almost exclusively of parquet flooring and tiles and has only 2 small carpets. These are usually our cats’ favorite places. In Greiz, however, almost every room has carpet ground. So the cats can lie down and roll around anywhere.

We set my mother’s cell phone so that she can send us photos of the cats via Whatsapp while we are abroad – so that we always know how our sweethearts are doing at home. The following photos were taken and you can see that they are always quite well in Greiz^^