Yuri (Origin)

We brought our tomcat from Reichenbach im Vogtland to us on June 29, 2019. He was born on April 7th, was almost 3 months old and had no name of his own (you could only recognize him by the yellow collar). We actually came to see a kitten with a blue collar, but when the kitten with the yellow collar (rather lean and hyperactive) jumped up our leg – it should be this.

Choosing the more “hyperactive” kitten was probably the better decision than the more shy one with the blue collar, as it was not intimidated by the taller proud Iva. On the contrary, it always knew how to oppose and just wanted to play. It was a bit of a pain for Iva in the beginning, but now they are the best of friends.

We agreed on the name “Yuri” because with “Iva” we already had a cat with a Russian name and Yuri is also a Sibrian cat (to be more precise a Neva Masquarade cat). But since we are also fans of Anime / Japan, we didn’t want to use the correct Russian spelling “Juri”, but rather that of the Japanese name “Yuri” – even if this is quite ambiguous in the scene ^^’