Yuri the Destroyer

We are already used to our cats breaking something here and there. To date, Iva has not completely given up biting small holes in various items of clothing. Nevertheless, we were always quite sure that the cats stay away from the electrical cables – at least we have a lot of devices in our apartment (notebooks, Playstation, TV, etc.) and the cats never went to the cables of the devices. This should change on the extended May 1st weekend when Yuri suddenly felt like not only biting the membrane of my headset, but also nibbling on the cable of my Asus Zenbook power supply.

Even after sticking the cable, the Zenbook simply did not recognize it. This was especially annoying, since of course, due to home office, this was my main work device. So I had to act fast and order a new power supply. Fortunately, I was able to continue working temporarily on another laptop, since all my work data is stored in the cloud.

There was also an eyewitness to the crime who had seen everything.

On the basis of testimony, a phantom image of the perpetrator could also be created, showing how he probably committed the crime.

Phantombildzeichnung von Dominik J.

Of course, there was a good scolding and it is difficult to say whether the perpetrator really regretted his act or just pretends.


He doesn’t seem to have really regretted the fact. After the new power supply unit was delivered, the perpetrator also tampered with it.

At least now I know that I shouldn’t have my Zenbook open at night anymore and should always put it away in my pocket. Fortunately, the new power supply is a bit more stable, which is why it still works despite the bite marks.