Bicycle tour: Feininger-Radweg

On May 21st (also Father’s Day), we decided to go on a bike tour. This day was particularly worth going outside because both the days before and the weather forecast afterward showed that it would otherwise only be raining or cloudy. We chose the Feininger cycle path, which is described below.

We knew the beginning of the route to Mellingen, as Nathalie uses to go running there quite often and sometimes accompanied her on my bike. The way behind Oettern was a little more confusing. Here, we slightly lost our way. When we finally found our way back to the Feininger bike path behind Buchfart, the most difficult part of the whole route began. We had to push our bikes up a cobbled street for several hundred meters. It is really strange that this part of the route really belongs to the Feininger cycle path and is also named so on signs (even if “Steiger” is sometimes used as the name on online maps). Fortunately, after this section it was almost all downhill and towards Kirschbach valley back to Weimar. In between, we saw different animals and beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, however, there were also many drunk, shirtless groups of men, which have often blocked the streets and paths and didn’t think much of social distancing. We strongly assume that this will show up in the Corona cases in 1-2 weeks … but we could still have a little picnic and enjoyed the weather. Overall, the trip took us a bit more than 3 hours, but we made multiple stops on our way.