Farmer’s market in Mellingen

In December, just before Christmas, a farmers’ market took place in Mellingen. We only came across this information by chance and wanted to visit it on a Saturday. The weather was cloudy and a bit cold, but it didn’t rain. Unfortunately, half of the cycle path from Weimar to Mellingen was closed to Taubach, but we reached the farmers’ market around noon via a small detour.

Corona-related due to some requirements, the huts were relatively far apart and every guest had to wear a mask. Nevertheless, the market was quite busy and you could make out 3-5 people in front of each hut. Nathalie really wanted to go to the market, on the one hand to buy fruit and vegetables, but also to get hold of chicken hearts. Unfortunately we only got some fruit. There were no vegetable stalls and in the meat area only turkey, beef and other animals. Most of the stands were more sausage products, cheese and wood carvings. Probably even a lot of stalls that are more likely to be found at the Weimar Christmas market, but were not allowed to exhibit there this time. After we walked around the whole market, we decided what we wanted to buy for ourselves, but also as a gift for our parents. For us it was 2.5kg of sweet apples and apple juice, for Nathalie’s parents a beer and an eggnog and for my parents two salami sausages – one with kangaroo and the other with ostrich meat.

There was another stand, or rather a tent, where pets and farm animals were sold. These were presented in cages for display. It was interesting to see what kinds of chickens and rabbits there are. A rabbit didn’t seem particularly happy to have been over the cage, where she was locked up with guinea pigs and a rabbit (see video).

Since it was already lunchtime, we had planned in advance to have something to eat there. There were maybe only three food stalls in total, starting with fish and game. A third one was still hiding, which at first glance only looked like a bakery. There was pork pork baked in bread with optional sauerkraut as a side dish. We then took that and rode our bicycles to the center of Mellingen, where there is a forest tavern (you weren’t allowed to eat anything on the market itself). The Kasslerbrot actually turned out to be an insider tip and was very tasty. The apple juice that we then tested at home was also very good and particularly sweet. This tasted extremely apple-like and was also very sweet due to its variety (the apples that we also bought in the 2.5kg bag).