Gera Zoo

Actually we wanted to go to the wildcat village in Hütscheroda on our one year wedding day… but we soon found out that the train connections to Eisenach and the enclosure are quite complicated and we would not have been able to spend enough time there on the planned day. So we quickly thought about alternatives. Zoos are always a good idea, but we have been to Leipzig and Erfurt the last few years… so we decided for a completely different zoo, which reminds more of an animal enclosure: The zoo Gera!

We took the train to Gera-Süd and from there it was not far to the zoo. Nevertheless we were skeptical when we reached it. The entrance is quite overgrown by the forest and looks very deserted. But in fact it is an open attraction of the city, even if it doesn’t seem so at first sight. Right next to it is also a climbing forest, which also looked very deserted.

But the first impression of the zoo was quickly discarded when we arrived at the first animal enclosures. In contrast to many other zoos or animal enclosures of this kind, many of them were also freely accessible, i.e. you could enter the enclosure through a gate, and if you were lucky, the animals came to you through another cordoned-off area. This way we could also take a lot of pictures right next to goats, ponies and other animals.

After more than 2,5h we were able to leave all the enclosures (despite rain). Finally we returned to the Gera-Süd train station and looked for a restaurant. After star rating and price-performance ratio we saw that the burger restaurant “Franks’s” is nearby. This one turned out to be quite good, as they had fancy burgers and good milkshakes.