Model Kit “Jehuty”

After I finished the model kit from Vic Viper (see the article HERE), I ordered the two other model kits from Jehuty and Anubis shortly afterwards. These arrived from Japan after just a few weeks. It has to be said that Jehuty is available in two versions as a model of KOTOBUKIYA: a normal and an HD version. The normal one looks quite boring and is kept in matte gray tones. I decided on the HD version (even if it was a bit more expensive) because it has stronger blue tones and also comes with wings and an attack ring (later weapon arsenal in the game).

The procedure for assembling Jehuty was the same as for Vic Viper, that is, I first had to remove all the parts from the grids, sort them into bags by letters, put all the parts together according to the instructions and finally transfer the stickers to the appropriate places with water. Since I wanted to remove the individual parts from the grid very carefully this time without leaving any residue, I not only used pliers, but also a cutter knife. However, most of the pieces are smaller than 1cm and therefore it was difficult to cut away small 1mm remains. This led to the fact that I cut myself several times – which explains the platches on my fingers in the one photo. In the middle of the assembling, I was very desperate for a moment because the connection in a leg joint broke. I just wanted to move the inserted roller joint to another connection and the connection broke off. I quickly used plastic glue that melted the plastic to join the parts back together, but I couldn’t completely fix it anymore. One of the legs is therefore not quite as flexible as it should be. The last hurdle was the stickers at the end. Even if I managed to transfer all of them to the corresponding parts, at least 5 of them came off when the body parts were put together and only stuck torn to my hands. These were especially the small white stickers that were affixed to Jehuty’s black tunic. But since these are only maybe 1x2mm in size, it was practically impossible for me to re-attach them, which is why I simply gave up here. In itself, assembling the Jehuty model was a bit easier for me than with Vic Viper, as you don’t have to glue the fingers individually to the hands. The hands were already assembled here in the kit.

In the end, it became a great model. Even if Jehuty cannot be transformed like Vic Viper, it makes up for it with the special wings and the attack ring. With the interchangeable hands, the blade and the shield on the arms and the blades on the attack ring, you can make really cool poses with the model. With Jehuty I also assembled the second of three Orbital Frames (the Mechas in Zone of the Enders), which only leaves Anubis. Unfortunately, we noticed that Jehuty, with his wings and attack ring, takes up much more space than Vic Viper and therefore only barely fits into the glass case. Since Anubis has several wings, we have to see how we can place the models in the closet when all three are finished.