Scandinavia (2021): From Thuringia to the North Cape and back

See Finland and see nothing

From Norway it was supposed to go directly to Sweden, but the highway also passed a small corner of Finland. Actually, the plan was different, but if we were going through Finland, we could at least spend one night here. So we quickly looked for the nearest campsite and the next moment we were somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Finland. The rain was still unchanging, so we trudged through puddles the size of a swimming pool to the reception. Here was a rather unexpected surprise for Scandinavia: the owner of the campsite didn’t speak English and of course we didn’t speak a bit of Finnish either. Luckily another camper came to our help who was obviously Finnish but also knew English and so he translated for us. Due to the pouring rain we didn’t really want to sleep soaking wet in the car and so we treated ourselves to a small wooden hut, which we only left to wash our dishes after dinner and to take a shower. For the rest of the evening we didn’t see more of Finland than a small lake on which thousands and thousands of raindrops formed ever larger circles and which we could see from the window.

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