Scandinavia (2021): From Thuringia to the North Cape and back


Actually, it should go directly from Stockholm to Copenhagen. However, we made a spontaneous stop in Malmö, which we would have passed anyway, because Kevin read on the internet that there is a Disgusting Food Museum here, which he really wanted to go to. He would regret the decision…

Disguisting Food Museum

When we entered the Disguisting Food Museum, we were immediately greeted by a smell that can only be described as disgusting and that could not be defined much more precisely. Only so much: sports changing rooms smell wonderful in comparison. There was a sign behind the cash register that read “10 days since last vomit”. Underneath it was informed that so far a total of 112 times people have thrown up in this museum. The employee explained to us how the visit to the museum worked: there was an information sign for each exhibit and some exhibits also had smell samples in the form of small jars. At the end you could taste some of the things. A lot was literally served up. There was guinea pig meat from Peru or sauerkraut juice (Sok z kapusty kiszonej) from Poland. Of course, there were some edible insects as well, as well as some not-so-edible insects, like a cheese full of maggots. It also got political when it came to the numerous antibiotics used in conventional pig farming. The food itself wasn’t half as bad as the smell samples, which actually hit the spot. I skipped the last few rehearsals.

By the time we got to the tasting station, our stomachs were already churning. Nevertheless, Kevin at least tried the Polish sauerkraut juice. I was a bit braver and tried my way through a few more things. I’d seen insects before at a street food festival, so they didn’t really bother me, except for the really big ones, which I ended up skipping. Durian was actually quite tasty. The cheese made me really nauseous for a moment, so I skipped all the other cheese products. Fermented shark was ok but unfortunately surstromming tastes like it smells. Finally, we quickly bought a can of Diet Coke at the cash register to somehow wash down the taste. We should still have the smell in our noses days later. It was anything but uninteresting, but we really don’t need to go to the Disgusting Food Museum again. After a short walk through Malmö we finally went back to the car and on to Copenhagen.

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